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Got tricks?Are you a snowboard rookie? Do you feel stupid when you dont get what the other snowboarders are talking about? Worry Not! Keep readin’ and you will find everything you need to learn the snowboard slang with our Snowboard.Glossary 🙂

This Glossary won’t be alphabetic, because i m too lazy to do it so 🙂 If you need to find a particular word or phrase, that you have heard, just use CTRL+F and type it there!

Now let us start with the snowboarding styles.It’s good to know them.When someone asks you “Duuudeee, what style are you riding“, it’s damn obvious, that you are a freestyler, because of your baggy clothes and the many unsuccessful and disastrous attemps to do the jump.But you should be able to answer properly.SO …

FreeRide – Most common style.In fact freeriding is just going up the mountain and then going down on any terrain available.Riding on the marked track is freeriding.Carving through the powder is freeriding.Going down the track like a big rolling snowball and screaming for help is freeriding, though it looks like freefalling and it isn’t recommended.

FreeStyle – The trickster’s style.It envolves riding a halfpipe, manmade jumps(kickers), boxes, rails and many others.All the breathtaking jumps, aerial like spins, flips, grabs are shaping this style.

Freecarve – Not so common style.But if you are big fan of speed, this one is for you.It envolves very very high speed and those sharp, fast turns, called carves.Some may call the style Alpine.

Ok, we are down with the styles now 🙂

Let’s learn some more about the snowboarding equipment.I asume that all the readers are familiar with the basics about the equipment(and if you are not, don’t worry, soon there will be an article about the basics.)

Base – This is the bottom of your snowboard, this is the surface that slides you over the snow.

Edges – Those are the metal strips on the sides of your snowboard.Keep those sharp!

Effective Edge – This is the lenght of your snowboard’s edge that makes contact with the snow.On those strips of metal you shift your weight when you turn.

Flex – This one describes how flexible your board is.If you like freeriding and powder, it’s better to use a stiffer board, and on the oposite site – you will need not so stiff board for frestyle tricks.

High-back – This is the part of your bindings that supports your ankles and cals while edging and making heelside turns.

Safety Leash – This is a cord, that connects you to your snowboard, it’s a musthave safety feature, because if your snowboard cuts loose it is a major danger for the otheres on the track.

Waist – The width measurement taken at the narrowest part of the board which is near the middle of its length.

Sidecut – The curve built into the sidewalls and edges of a board to enhance turning characteristics.

Enough with the boring equipment slang, let’s move on to something phunY!
Yeap, the freestyle tricks 🙂

First let’s start with the way you ride.Are you regular or goofy?

Regular – means that your front foot(the one that is closest to the nose of your board) is your left one.

Goofy – your front foot is your right one.

Fakie – is riding the snowboard backwords.

Kicker – is the name for the manmade or natural jump ramp.This is the place you want to hit for good air 🙂

Halfpipe – this is manmade U-shaped structure, built with snow.It’s like the skateboarding halfpipe.

Ollie – jumping off the tail of the board.

Nollie – springing off the nose of the board


The spin tricks are easy to learn (learn just the names, performing them isnt easy at all).The spins are made while the rider is in the air, there are 180 (1/2 spin), 360(1 spin), 540 (1 1/2s spin) and so on to 1440 ( 4 spins WHOA!).

Cab – this one is a spin, it begins fakie, spins 360 and lands riding forward.

Frontside = FS – often used with the degrees of the spins, means that the sping begins from the side where your toes are.Counterclockwise spin for the regulars(left footies) and clocwise for the goofy ones.

Backside = BS – the backside of the board, where the heels sit.Clockwise for regulars and counterclockwise for goofy riders.


Those are my favorite 😀

Back flip – Flipping backward off the jump.

Front flip – Flipping forward off the jump.

Rodeo flip – A backflip but with an extra spin of at least 180 degrees.

There are many flips, but those 3 are the most common, if you want to know about others, feel free to comment here 🙂


You’ve seen how some of the riders grab their boards while in the air, those are the grab tricks.There are many and many and even you can invent one! But here are the most common that you should know about.

Mute – front hand grabs the toe edge between the bindings

Nosegrab – front hand grabs the nose of the board

Tailgrab – back hand grabs the tail of the board

Indy – back hand grabs the toe edge between the legs(between the bindings)

Melon – front hand grabs the heel side in front of the bindings.

Method – front hand grabs the heel side of the board between the bindings, both knees are bent and the board is pulled up behind the rider.Personal favourite 🙂

Lemon – the rider grabs both the tail and nose of the board.

Japan air – front hand grabs the toe edge on the front foot and the board is pulled behind the rider.

Enough with the grabs, let’s move on to the Slides.A few words about the slides – you can slide anything – boxes, rails, trees, cars, beches, people … just yout imagination is the limit 🙂

50-50 – the board points straight in line with the rail, the board is sliding along the rail.

Bordslide – can be BS (backside) or FS(frontside) – when the rider approaches the rail, there is a jump and a 90 degrees twist, so the rider lands on the rail facing down the rail, this one is the BS.The FS version is much the same, but the rider lands facing up the rail.

Nose slide – the rider slides perpendicular to the rail with it under the front foot.

Tail slide – the rider slides perpendicular to the rail with it under the back foot.

Nose press – a 50-50 slide, but the rider leans towards the end of the rail, balancing on the board nose, the tail is in the air.

Tail press – like the nose press, but the balanacing is made on the tail and the nose of the board is in the air.

Smith – a 50-50 slide with the nose tweaked 45 degrees BS

Feebe – a 50-50 slide with the nose tweaked 45 degress FS

Actually there are much more slides, but those are the basic ones, when you learn the others, probably, we will ride more about them! 😀

And little about the tricks called “buttering” … that are flatground tricks, usually made for fun during the ride, but not at all.These are the best way to learn and practice the skills you need to get to the next level ;P

That’s for now! Hope you like this glossary, we wrote it for you! There are, btw, much more tricks in snowboardin, so if you want to share with us some descriptions of other tricks or just give us a big “Hoorey!” or something else – please, feel yourself comfortable to write us here (as a comment) or on our mail – !

Hang Loose ^^ and take it easy with the tricks 🙂

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