Ninja Squad’s NEW video PREMIERE!

Chiki ricki boom boom video PREMIERE

This summer, the event we were waiting for! Now it’s all about to change… Ninja Squad and their new video are going to rock your world on 30th August! Yeah, I’m talking about big video screen, lot’s of friends, free beer and …long party night! 😀

I’ve wrote about Ninja Squad in the blog some time ago,so if you still don’t know who are they, you can simply read some info here! 🙂
Those freaky guys have already 3 videos, this one will be the 4th…. and as everybody knows and according to the Law of Attraction this will be the BEST video showing their BEST super snowboard powers & skills. (rock)
If you don’t believe me, you can watch the trailer here.
….not bad,eh? ;D

The video is made by the Ch.K.G. crew or also known as the makers of the best wanker movies in BG ;D Be patient, we will post some more info about them in the next posts 🙂 They’ve made the “Chiki Ricky Boom Boom” video for about 350 hours and it took them way more months to shoot it ! Ninja Squad are rocking in the usual places in BG as in most of the biggest snowboard parks in USA (Breck,Vail,Keystone and more) …i’m not sure, but someone told me, that Britney Spears was rocking with them there too 😀

The Event is personally organized by Ninja Squad, planned under the stars on a big,nice,green meadow near Gabrovo Town, eqiupped with a super-mega-extra big screen, projector, 100L BEER and the most important… with FRIENDS! (thumbsup) The most of the big BG snowboard names are already invited ( too ^^) ,everything is prepared and waits to begin…   an interesting fact is, that the boys from Ninja Squad lost their girls during the filming…sooo….yeah…you know…. as one of them said to me “This video has a big sentimental meaning to us!”.  😀

SO!!! Look forward to the Ninja Squad’s NEW VIDEO PREMIERE!

Release 30/08/2008 – Gabrovo

For more info: or just call Risto +359885347445 or check their MySpace !

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