Ninja Squad!

Yeah,some of you nonBulgarian will probably ask me “Who the heck are they?!” …or maybe not 😀
Never mind, i’ll write down some info for those who haven’t heard about Ninja Squad!
ninja squad

According to the BBK (Big Books of Knowledge) Ninja Squad аre bg snowboard crew created officially 2002-2003 A.C. (After Christ). When i asked them “why did you made it?” , the guy in the black ninja suit just looked at me right in the eyes and said “…’coz we wanted to…in defiance of fate!”. (yeah,freaky ninjas are they, i agree) I have to say,that i don’t know those guys well and in fact few of us have the opportunity to gain an intimate knowledge of their minds…
But anyway, those guys are famous with their party-fun fever, …according to the rumour they made a massacre in a club last monday, but i really don’t belive that,those guys seem to be peace-loving gentlemans!The most important is that they are united friends and act jointly,love to have fun in the snow,love to have fun in parties,love to have fun anywhere with friends…together! I tried to gather some info about their achievements in snowboardin, but the same guy in the ninja costume threatenеd me to stop asking questions or he’ll be forced to use his chakra (lol). Nevermind, Ninja Squad are glad to help more little buddies (a.k.a. young dudes) to do the snowboardin,instead of smokin,drinkin and fuckin 😀 They know those three vices well, therefore they don’t want to share them with the young ones 😀 …you greedy busterds! Something you have to remember before i end this post:
Ninja Squad <=> Fun , Fun <=> Ninja Squad ! If you want to contact them, here’s their MySpace Profile!

Cheerz, guys!

btw, check their last video trailer:

Ninja Squad’s “Boom-Boom” video ’08 trailer

…and look forward to the new video “Chiki Ricki Boom-Boom” !

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