Let’s assume that all readers have snowboards, they must do, those who have skies must be converted or beaten ’till absent of reason.And we also assume, that all with the snowboards know how to use them properly and to have lots of fun in the snow.
Snowboarding isn’t the only way to have fun in the snow, but it is the only PROPER way to have fun in the snowy mountain.Skiing on the other side is no fun at all, unless you are a beholder and you are about to beat the crap out of the poor ski riding bastard.
But what if you are in a city or a town and there is no hill around, i know it souns really scary and it is!You need to figure out how to use all that snowy potential laying around.
And thats when you open your browser(preferably not FF) and read this article.
Fun drifting in the snow!

Phun in the snow with a car.

What you need:
1. Snow
2. Car
3. Gas
4. A big plain place with no cars, houses, people and no obstacles of any kind, something like a square, empty parking or something else, use your imagination.

Once you’ve got all those things you can start the fun!

What we are going to do?

-Move sideways.
-Try not to crash.
-Impress everyone with your driving skills.

How to do it?
Get in your car.Start the engine.Rev it up, just to look cool.Into first gear, then second.You need to have a lot of clear area infront of you.Now just put the car into neutral and brake.No handling at all, it just slides and you can’t control it.So you must be in gear all the time.
Again into firs, then second and hard right or left wherever you want to go, but before that brake a little, just enough to make the car loose and idle, now you will need to figure out how with very gentle moves of the steering wheel to point the car in the right direction while moving sideways.Once you’ve mastered that.Put a cone in the snow, or tie a skier to a pole and use it as a cone.If you’ve gone for the skier option the next thing will be really hard to accomplish, you need to miss the pole/cone and make a U turn round it, while powersliding. How to do that? Go towards the cone in a speed that you feel comfortable and safe, something like 20-30-40km/h.You will make a U-turn around the cone, just before turning the steering wheel you pull the ebrake, not hard, but again gentle, just to block the rear wheels for a while and make them slide.While pulling the ebrake you need to steer the car and correct the direction if it needs to be corrected.When you are coming out of the turn accelerate a bit and voila.You did it!
Making the car rotate at 180 or 360 degrees has the same principle, but you will need more speed and more clear area infront and around you.

It is lots of fun drifting.You look like a pro driver and you can’t harm the car if there are no obsacles around.You also can’t harm the suspension and other parts of the car, because of the low procent of grip the tires have in the snow.It’s a must have experience.So just go out and take the car for a spin, literaly…

Be able to do this, once you have got the force you will. Yeesssssss.

Stay Tuned For More Ways To Have Fun In The Snow …

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