Music.Tracker Here!

We say, we do. Indeed. The Music.Tracker is here, still beta, because of the enormous amount of time spent playing CS and messing around.There will be improvements like it will read your mind and thoughts and play whatever you want to hear, it will also make breakfast … for sure.
But for the moment we stick to the beta v0.1b.

Few words about the music.The playlist is really rich – 2 test tracks, cool huh 😉
Now it is all up to YOU people, go buy a harmonica or something and start playin it good, because we need your music.
All the bands out there dreaming about the big stage – this is your chance chaps, drop us a mail at[shift+2]*, preferably with a simple track.
What kind of music do we like? For now we say all kind is good, nice tune and lyrics and you are in.
Expect some more of this post, because z3o haven’t seen it yet, but after he does see it, there will be some changes and a bit more to read.

*shift+2 = @ for those of you, that didn’t get it.yoda

And may the Force be with You!

Edit: So here’s the  “bit more to read” 😀  This “bonus” info is for those, who still don’t get it and ask themselves “Who the f#ck are they to want my precious music pieces???” or something like “Why do they do it?! Are they involved in some of those dirty government affairs ?” or “uuuh…what?They want me to start playin’ harmonica??”. Guys, don’t make it hard,those questions are for the rocket scientists, let me inform you what’s really about…

The idea is really simple and mental has already notified it. We have the good will to help the garage bands and all the other neverheard musicians and groups.We will promote them,write about them,share their best tracks,telling the world that they exist and they play damn good! We don’t want nobody to pay us for this,we enjoy the music and we know that somewhere out there, beyond are bands playin really hard, making the best pieces of music,but ….guess what? – nobody has never ever heard about them…
See,I told you “the idea is really simple” – it’s nothing new,nothing genius,but we DO it! So… if you want to join our music project and have (as many would say) free advertisement for your band – DO it and follow the mental’s instruction =)


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