Yes, we are damn serious, but ARE YOU?!

After reading THIS I felt obligated to post something.
I can’t believe that there are so shallow and simple-minded people (no offence), but the About.US is supposed to be a bit funny, entertaining and not conventional . Did we say “War against the ski ridin’ bastards , kill’em’all …” ? No we didn’t. We don’t propagate hatred. But from our point of view skis are a thing from the past – for one thing to raise, another must fall. The act of destruction is in a way an act of creation. But you didn’t get it, did you?

You began with the insults and than called us children, or should i quote :

no grow the fuck up and stop acting so childish

… who’s the grown up here and who’s the child?
And when the insults targeted at us weren’t enough, you (the skiers/web trolls) resorted to insults regarding our origin . Yes we are Bulgarian, and damnt it but I for once am proud to be one. We may be 30-40 years behind, but then again we have a head start of about 1300 years. For the americans – let me put it this way, our country was created in 681, yours was created in 1776, so do the math …
Do we HATE skiers? No, we don’t.
Do we propagate hatred? No, we don’t.
Do we ride skis? No, we don’t.

But we ride shoulder by shoulder with many skiers, and they don’t have any problems with the hanged skier badge.
Is the snowboard superior to the skis ? I think it is. Why? Well it’s surfing on snow, much easier and it is lots of phun. I can’t get that amount of amusement, riding skis.
You think that skis are better? Please feel free to tell me why. And please you wanted us to act old and mature, have the courtesy to act so too.

My two cents …

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