SooN.To.Come No.Ski.Crew Music.Tracker

Yet it’s just an idea, but idea in a mind like ours is like a boy with a nuclear toy.Basicly we want a big BOOOM and sooner or later we are gonna get it 😀
A few words about the Music.Tracker: underground bands, garage bands,ceiling bands, basement or celler bands, you probably have never heard about those.They probably haven’t heard about theirself either…There will be music for sure, it will be nice, calm, slow kind of jazz ambient…NOT.If you want a music with rocks in it, that you can bang and enjoy the sound you will like the playlist of the Soon.To.Be.Here.Music.Tracker and if you don’t:

There are gay sites outhere, get the F*CK OUT of here you, you…YOU SKIER!

PS: Because we are as lazy as sloths[Bradypodidae] don’t expect the Music.Tracker very soon :X

EDIT:  The Music.Tracker is already available! Enjoy! 😀

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